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Tea party invitation, tutorial by Tatiana Klimshina

Hello, my friends! Tatiana here today to share wtih you ideas how to make invitation for tea party.
We will need: 2 sheets of paper, one piece of basic paper, glimmer mist by Tattered Angels color coffee shop, glimmer glazes hoppy and shy violet colors, scissors, scroll pad, white gesso glue and tea bag
 Making base for our invitation. 
 Cut two pieces from paper and glue them together. And make a card from basic paper.
 Sew with sewing machine, or just glue it all together.
 Cut some pieces from sheet with pictures. I choose picture with pretty cup and chairs.
 Cover the base with white gesso.
 Use the glimmer mist.
 And than use the glimmer glaze.
 Let all layers dry.
 Pick your favorite embellishments and start decorating.
On pictures 1-6 I show how to put all chosen embellishments all together.
 Use the brush and glimmer mist to make nice shadows and accents.
Now let's make pocket for tea bag. On pictures 1-4 I show you how to make it using scroll pad.
 Use the round punch to make a hole for the pocket. It will need for easy picking out the tea bag.
 The inner pocket is ready. 
Glue all pieces all together and invitation is ready! Enjoy!

Thank you for your attention!

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  1. Beautiful invitations Tatiana! Thank you so much for inspirations! My favourite colors <3!


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