sobota, 8 grudnia 2018

X-mas presents

Hello All!
It's Klaudia today :)

Christmas is coming so so quickly so I decided to show you my idea of git wrapping. Those cute christmasy boxes are perfect for a little and precious gift.  I made them for my two best friends. Hope they will like thier presents. Hope you guys like my way of packing christmas gifts.


Hej :)

Dziś przychodzę do Was z inspiracją jak zapakować drobny świąteczny upominek :) Pudełeczka zrobiłam właśnie z myślą o drobiazgach, które podaruje przyjaciółkom pod choinkę.
Pudełeczka niby podobne, a jednak różne. Mam nadzieję, że się im spodobają. Mam również nadzieję, że i Wam spodoba się taki sposób opakowania prezentów.

sobota, 1 grudnia 2018

Challenge #35 CHRISTMAS & WINTER- December MMW Creative Challenge #35

Czas na kolejne wyzwanie kreatywne :) 

Mamy nadzieję, że znajdziecie czas i dołączycie do nas :)

Hi all paper folks!
I'm so excited writing this post for you! It's our #35 MMW challenge with moodboard :)
I hope that you find some time and join us! :) 

Główne zadanie: Przygotowanie dowolnej pracy mixedmediowej z użyciem conajmniej 3 elementów z moodboardu, opublikowanie naszego baneru wyzwaniowego na blogu w notce z wyzwaniem  :) 
Wyzwanie trwa do 31 grudnia  2018!
Można zgłosić maksymalnie 3 prace - każda w osobnym poście :) 
Linkowanie do naszego narzędzia Inlinkz w pasku bocznym :)

Main rule: Prepare free-form scrap mixedmedia work with 3 inspirations from moodboard
Grab our challenge banner! 
Deadline is 31st Dec 2018
Limits: Max. 3 works for 1 artist - each in new post
Linking to our Inlinkz tool (sidebar)

Baner wyzwania | Challenge's banner

Zwycięzca otrzyma baner | Our winner will receive this banner: 

Przewidujemy też wyróżnienie | We have a second winner's banner: 

Inspiracje DT Mixed Media Warriors
DT Mixed Media Warriors Inspirations 


Zapraszamy do naszych wyzwań :) 
Swoje prace możecie też publikować w naszej grupie inspiracyjnej na Facebooku
na fanpage Mixed Media Warriors
Szukasz więcej inspiracji?
Zajrzyj na nasze konto MMW na Instagramie

Join us and have fun with dirty fingers! 
You can also share & show your masterpieces here:

FB Inspirational Mixed Media Warriors Group
Fanpage of Mixed Media Warriors
Check our MMW Instagram too! :) 

Don't be shy! 
Feel free to create art!

wtorek, 27 listopada 2018


Hi, I'm Milagros from the El Taller de Mila, today I share a Christmas Canvas on wood as my first inspiration DT. Very excited to show you my first inspiration as part of the great team of Mixed Media Warriors, for this first inspiration and since we already have Christmas in sight I have created a Christmas Canvas on wood with very easy techniques to work and few materials.
I hope you liked it and you want to do something similar, as you can see it is ideal as a decoration both hanging on the wall and on a piece of furniture. And also invite you to join on our November Challenge .

Thanks so much for visiting us and showering so much love xoxo.
On my blog are the step by step and the materials I used... 

piątek, 23 listopada 2018

Mixed Media Layout Inspiration work 'Frosted' inspired November Moodboard

Hi to everyone!

I'm Katrin Poe Mg from Italy and today I share my inspiration work, for the #23 November I choose 'Frosted', my project is a mixed media layout, created with cold tones, 
violet, blue, pale pink, white, and yellow green.

I prepare a special layout for you and a video is loading I hope you like it.

Mixed media layout 


Winter is a magic season, and start in November. 
In this period everything changes the temperature falls, the houses are heated, the desire to go shopping, and Christmas is coming.

The cities change, the lights change, they are hotter, and the aromas of chestnuts heat the icy air.

but farther on the outskirts there is a different atmosphere, the spirit of winter is waking up and getting ready for the great cold and I have tried to immortalize in this mixed media layout, using colors with cold tones.

I used glue gun for add all the embellishment and after I use the colors, I prepare the canvas with two Liquitex spray.

For create the paper rosettes I used Tim Holtz dies and more recycled embellisments.
At the end after gluing all decorations I used two coats of white gesso, and some acrylic colors with cold tones.

Frosted is the winter that helps to preserve things, nature, people, the world, the cold has the power to stop time and is one of the most elusive elements of nature, because it has no form and has them all.
I hope you enjoy it

Katrin Poe Mg

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