piątek, 27 września 2019

Write your own story

Hi to everyone 
 Sorry for the delay but this month it turned out to be a real scourge, 
so many things have happened for the most part ugly, 
but now it seems that at the end of this troubled period, 
we are going towards the light,

 I hope you like this project of mine,  
This is an mixed media art journal created with recycled materials
this is my Inspiration work of #23 Semptember
'Write your own story' 
 is dedicated to all those who fight every day for a place in the world.
I hope you like it please Enjoy 

wtorek, 27 sierpnia 2019


Hi girls, here Cleoscrap from El Taller de Mila... How was summer? I hope you enjoyed and recharged batteries for the new season of Moodboard Challenges in Mixed Media Warriors.
Today I leave my inspiration for the # 42 August Heart Moodboard Challenge, I hope you will be encouraged and see your precious works.
Without realizing the summer will end and it will be a dream, I have altered this anchor with details of shells, seashells, seahorses and a message in a small bottle remembering that summer always comes back ... 
Worked with pigments, sandstone paste, that´s Crafty interence gold, art stones by Prima marketing, and details of my hiding place...

Happy day to all and we hope your works with this beautiful #42 BLOOM HEART

poniedziałek, 26 sierpnia 2019

A Good Place

 Hi to everyone today I share with you my project for August Challenge, a mixed media tag, created with recycled materials, my favourite mixed media supplies and a little piece of sadness.

 We say 'Goodbye summer' and see you next year, i hope you like it.
sorry for late girls. But I',m happy because September is coming.

 This is my project for #42 BLOOM HEART 

piątek, 23 sierpnia 2019

Make your Spirit Fly High

Hi to everyone forgive me if I've been absent, I'm finally ready to come back with all my creations, 
I want to thank the team for waiting for me, girls I love you, my last work is for you.

This is my Inspirations work for #23 August

I hope you like it.

czwartek, 1 sierpnia 2019

MMW #42: Sierpniowe wyzwanie - Serce w rozkwicie | Challenge #42: August 2019 - Bloom Heart

Czas na kolejne wyzwanie kreatywne :) 

Mamy nadzieję, że znajdziecie czas i dołączycie do nas :)

Hi all paper folks!
I'm so excited writing this post for you! It's our #42 MMW challenge with moodboard:)
I hope that you find some time and join us! :) 

Główne zadanie: Przygotowanie dowolnej pracy mixedmediowej z użyciem conajmniej 3 elementów z moodboardu, opublikowanie naszego baneru wyzwaniowego na blogu w notce z wyzwaniem  :) 
Wyzwanie trwa wyjątkowo do 31 sierpnia 2019!
Można zgłosić maksymalnie 3 prace - każda w osobnym poście :) 
Linkowanie do naszego narzędzia Inlinkz w pasku bocznym :)

Main rule: Prepare free-form scrap mixedmedia work with 3 inspirations from moodboard with new date (in this case only!)
Grab our challenge banner! 
Deadline is 31th August 2019 
Limits: Max. 3 works for 1 artist - each in new post
Linking to our Inlinkz tool (sidebar)

Baner wyzwania | Challenge's banner

Zwycięzca otrzyma baner | Our winner will receive this banner: 

Przewidujemy też wyróżnienie | We have a second winner's banner: 

Inspiracje DT Mixed Media Warriors
DT Mixed Media Warriors Inspirations 

Zapraszamy do naszych wyzwań :) 
Swoje prace możecie też publikować w naszej grupie inspiracyjnej na Facebooku
na fanpage Mixed Media Warriors
Szukasz więcej inspiracji?
Zajrzyj na nasze konto MMW na Instagramie

Join us and have fun with dirty fingers! 
You can also share & show your masterpieces here:

FB Inspirational Mixed Media Warriors Group
Fanpage of Mixed Media Warriors
Check our MMW Instagram too! :) 

Don't be shy! 
Feel free to create art!

sobota, 27 lipca 2019


Hi creative ladies !!Here Milagros (Mila) from El Taller de Mila, I leave my inspiration for this month of July I inspire you with an art journal page that I was creating from pigment remains while working on another project.
The image that I used I found it many years ago on Pinterest and it has given me a lot of play. I find it so shabby, vintage, delicate and romantic.
While I was working on the other project, searching through my printed papers, I found it (sometimes the images do not call them?), My mind placed it on an art journal page and specifically it was great for the Moodboard inspiration of July.

I was inspired by the colors of the Moodboard as well as the phrase  "Do your thing", also in the name of moodboard # 40 smiles & happy. As happy as we are when we do what we like, even if we sometimes do what we like, it brings us doubts and effort to achieve it.

The page is created layer by layer, I have not added gesso because I wanted to preserve the softness of the pages of the journal, with different templates and remnants of pigments brusho, background seals, I have been creating layer on layer adding textures, I have Splattered over the entire background with the ocher color.
I created the composition by placing my ballerina on old sheet music, a cut and a piece of white tulle. On the other side I have placed the phrases "Dance your heart out" and "Never doubt that the courage you need is always with you".

And so far I hope it has inspired you, because with a few scraps of material we can make beautiful pages and create art. See you soon XOXO.

czwartek, 27 czerwca 2019


Hi creative ladies !!Here Milagros (Mila) from El Taller de Mila, I leave my inspiration for this month of June, for me it is a very special month, the beginning of the summer solstice is united to the day of my birth, therefore to my birthday, in Spain the festivals "verbenas" are celebrated in the magic night of San Juan with rites and ancestral traditions, one of the main ones consists in making bonfires to give more strength to the sun, it is on this night when all the beings and magic spirits come out. The shortest night of the year is full of rituals, spells and desires ... it's a very special night.
Even William Shakespheare was inspired to create his "Midnight Summer Dream".

I was inspired by the colors and "new beginning", the 21st is the summer solstice, a new beginning for the summer season and the 23rd night of San Juan is my birthday, for me it represents a new journey towards the new year that for me it begins, from there that I have altered this suitcase to maintain my dreams for the new stage of my life and throughout the year all my experiences.

Moodboard challenge June

Detail layer on layer...

For this altered suitcase I worked with collage of tissue paper and old book sheets, gesso layer, and with acrylic paint from my hiding place creating layer on layer with my marks, leaves with stencil and highlighted with uniball posca blanco.
I hope you encourage yourself to alter your own suitcase for a new beginning, thank you very much for stopping xoxo...

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