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Crafting with kids. Color sorter.

Hello to all mixed media fans! Tatiana here today with tutorial how to make a toy with your kid using mixed media tecniques. This is a functional developmental toy that you can make with your kid. This not my idea, that kind of the toys you can find in any stores, but we are creative moms so we can make it by ourselves and together with a kid. All you need is just have some fun.
Here I used Decor & DIY Paint- Rose, Decor & DIY Paint- Saffron, Decor & DIY Paint- Viridian, Decor & DIY Paint- Violet all by Tattered angels, Solo Tray: White by 7Gypsies, brushes, masking tape, color buttons, sparklets and one 5 years old kid :)
 Tape the edges of the tray with masking tape, it will protect tray from paint besmirch.
 The tray is ready for coloring.
 Ask your kid to help you with coloring. Color the big cell with saffron paint.
 To get a smooth color repeat coloring several times.
 The other cells color with different paints such as violet.
 Fabulous viridian color will give fun and fresh to your toy-tray.
 And the last one use my favorite rose paint.

Do not forget to color several times each of the cell.
 Fill with some kids stash (buttons, sparklets etc.) in colors of the cells. That it creative and DIY toy for your kid is ready.

This is fun way to spend time with your kid, they will love this activity!
Thank you!

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