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Mixed Media Warriors Design Team 2018 - 2019


Dzisiaj czas na ogłoszenie zespołu projektowego, który będzie Was inspirować przez najbliższy rok!
Poznajcie bliżej projektantki MMW :)

Hi there!

It's time for official announcement of Mixed Media Warriors Design Team 2018 - 2019 :)
So, let's meet a little bit closer all our designers!

My name is Adrijana (Jana) aka Paper Beauty AK. I’m 45 years old and I live with my family in a small European country – Slovenia. I’m married to a graphic designer and we have three beautiful children. We love nature ... mountains, sea, forest and animals. And I love gardening.
I've dabbled in a variety of crafts, and my true passion has always been card making: book cards & exploding boxes ... until recently (2 years ago) when I discovered the world of mixed media! Now I just can't stop myself from making a mess!

I started blogging in January 2014 (Janin ustvarjalni vrt – eng. Jane's Creative Garden) and my new blog Paper Beauty AK (starting in January 2018) is virtual happy place to share some paper projects, mixed media and altered projects with step by step photos tutorial. I am continually inspired by the amazing people I’ve met in blogland and workshop with Dorota Kopeć (2016). The crafting community is filled with such generous and talented artists.

I’m very active on my:

My name is Milagros Asensio but everyone knows me as 

Mila,my blog is El Taller de Mila,  for about ten years they have been 
involved in the world of scrapbooking, but I am passionate about the art 
journal, mixed media and bookbinding. 

I have been Dt de cartonage in Divas in recycling with an international dt, in the Art attic  (group that I believe to extend the mixed media in Spain), in digital stamps 
Graciellie Design, in which I work with an interational dt.

I have a blog, work page and staff on facebook, Instagram, youtube, 
pinterest and I am very active in all of them. I love trying and 
experimenting with new materials and techniques. 

I adapt to any style depending on the materials and to which the work is directed.
And I do not roll up anymore I leave three photos of my work and I also 
tell you that I participated in challenge # 32 with the link Milagros 

Nazywam się Klaudia Wierzbicka i mieszkam w Wielkiej Brytanii w uroczym mieście Shakespear'a Stratford-upon-Avon. 
W blogosferze piszę pod pseudonimem Vertigo Art na blogu: http://vertigo-art.blogspot.com, jak również na FB https://www.facebook.com/vertigoart.blog/

Scrapbookingiem/cardmakingiem zajmuję się od ok.6 lat. Niestety z powodu poważnych problemów zdrowotnych mojego synka musiałam zawiesić blogowanie na pewien czas. Jednak poprawa sytuacji umożliwiła mi powrót do blogowania.
Moja przygoda z papierem zaczęła się niewinnie od kartki urodzinowej dla przyjaciółki. W niedługo potem złapałam papierowego bakcyla i trwam w tej miłości do dziś. Na tapecie jest wszystko poprzez kartki okolicznościowe po LO-sy i inne mediowe szaleństwa.


Hello, I'm Katrin Meraglia (aka Katrin Poe Mg), I'm 35 and I live in Italy with my family, I'm an illustrator, a mixed media artist, a youtuber and an artist blogger.

 I make video tutorials of the products of fine arts I use, and I also publish a monthly series of reviews of colors, medium and accessories that I'm using to make it known to the general public in Italy by comparing the main aspects, such as the type of painting, its features, and the quality/price factor.

 I have chosen to review materials for professional quality artists, hobbyists and anyone wishing to spread beauty through art.
I love to experiment with new supplies, and any occasion it's perfect for create, I love to do it for my family, my friends, any event, and I love to share my project on my social media.

My Youtube Channel

Facebook Group

My Facebook fanpage

My Facebook blog review fan page


My Blogs

http://katrinpoemg.blogspot.it/ (my creations, projects and illustrations)

https://molnote.blogspot.it/ (shopping artist supplies and review)




Hello Everyone!
My name is Dr Monika Shukla. I am from Delhi, India currently residing at Abu Dhabi, UAE. I love my family - my husband and 2 year old son, they bring me joy and new ideas for my projects. I worked at Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Delhi, while my Doctoral research (Ph.D. in Biotechnology) and now crafter by profession. Irony it may seem but yes that’s how life works. My world revolves around my son and husband. I am full time homemaker who is working on her dream of opening her own craft studio.

I love making cards, scrapbooks, layout, mini albums, mixed media, 3D projects and Off the Page” creations. I am inspired by Tim Holtz, Anna Dabrowska, Jennifer MacGuire, Marta Lapkowska and everyone out there who work with so much passion and love. I feel excited to make art piece which brings me satisfaction and a different level of happiness from my home-based craft boutique “UrooCreations”. 

I love to do workshop and video tutorials to spread, express and learn.
I always look to create from my heart and soul! Try not to repeat myself. I do not restrict myself to a certain style. I am more into everything as everything around me draws my attention like shabby chic, grungy, rustic mixed media and simple card making. For me art has always been exploring new things. I enjoy making handmade albums, scrapbooks, layouts, cards, canvases.

If you would like to know more about me or take a look at some of my works, the visit me:

It’s Vidhi Jadeja from Mumbai, an artist by profession, an avid blogger, a doting daughter-in-law, a mother of two sweet little angels, a full-time homemaker, a compassionate person, a trained artist with post graduate in commerce and a Diploma in Fine Arts. All in one and not necessarily in the same order of priority!

 The types of Art forms that interest me are Decoupage, Mix media art, Art Journal, Layouts and Album and scrapbook making. I like all traditional Indian art forms.  With passage of time I realised my love and inclination towards vintage, rustic, wooden, masculine, distressed and ethnic art forms. No wonder then that most of my projects are created around the same theme. 
Creativity for me is all about inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and still having fun!

Facebook:   Artery Crate page
Facebook Group: The Artful Kiddos ( Kids Art and Craft group )

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  1. Thank you so much for having me in this wonderful design team... I am feeling so blessed.... xoxoxo

    Dr Monika Shukla


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