piątek, 19 października 2018

Zuzana Cedulová - MMW Guest Designer

My name is Zuzana Cedulová and I am from Slovakia. I am devoted to the creation of 10 years and most often I make cards, ATC cards. Recently I’ve been working on the creation of mixed media and art journals.
Creating mixed media is my huge relax after stressful days because it's really a great relaxation. 
I'm looking forward to introducing my latest mixed media today.

I used a brown-blue combination of spray on this painting. It's my favorite color combination. Because I'm usually saving chipboards. I used them on the bottom of my painting. At the top, I used the ornaments embellishments, made of silicone molds. 
These decorations have a beautiful ornament and they add a beautiful grandeur to the picture.

Thank you for being a part of the Mixed Media Warriors.
I wish you beautiful days and a lot of inspirational work.
If you would like to see my next creation, here are links to different social networks:


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