czwartek, 21 kwietnia 2016

Hand made banner inspired by salt and sea

Hello to all our mixes media fans all around the world! Today Tatiana will share with you how to make a banner. Here what we nead:
 Red and white canvases, red and blue cord, charm - all by CanvasCorpBrands, Tattered angels True Turquoise color.
 1. Color with Tattered angels True Turquoise color. It is perfect for paper and canvas.

2. Sew it with contrast red thread on sewing machine.

3. Put all Traingles on the red bulrap fringle.

 4. Sew it all together.

5. Take blue and red cords, ancor charm.
6. Cut off from the white canvas some triangles.
 7. Put them is nice composition.
 8. Sew it to the banner using sewing machine. Then sew with hand twisted blue and red cords. 

Thats it! Now you have simple and original banner inspired by salt and sea.

Have a nice day!

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