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Hi creative ladies !!Here Milagros (Mila) from El Taller de Mila, I leave my inspiration for this month of June, for me it is a very special month, the beginning of the summer solstice is united to the day of my birth, therefore to my birthday, in Spain the festivals "verbenas" are celebrated in the magic night of San Juan with rites and ancestral traditions, one of the main ones consists in making bonfires to give more strength to the sun, it is on this night when all the beings and magic spirits come out. The shortest night of the year is full of rituals, spells and desires ... it's a very special night.
Even William Shakespheare was inspired to create his "Midnight Summer Dream".

I was inspired by the colors and "new beginning", the 21st is the summer solstice, a new beginning for the summer season and the 23rd night of San Juan is my birthday, for me it represents a new journey towards the new year that for me it begins, from there that I have altered this suitcase to maintain my dreams for the new stage of my life and throughout the year all my experiences.

Moodboard challenge June

Detail layer on layer...

For this altered suitcase I worked with collage of tissue paper and old book sheets, gesso layer, and with acrylic paint from my hiding place creating layer on layer with my marks, leaves with stencil and highlighted with uniball posca blanco.
I hope you encourage yourself to alter your own suitcase for a new beginning, thank you very much for stopping xoxo...

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